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Meringue with peaches

FEB 20 @ 16:55

by Jacob Sean

Perfect meringue with sweet peaches and cream fresh
Awesome dessert guys , have a try
#big love , Jacob smile

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FEB 20 @ 17:20

by Jacob Sean

Serves 4

2 good organic egg whites
1/2 tsp Salt
100g golden caster sugar or caster sugar
250ml /1/2 pint cream fresh
1 tsp vanilla
1 good heap of icing sugar
Tin peaches or any other fruits ( it's up to you)
100g almonds or pistachio nuts


Add your egg whites and salt into a electric Mixer and whisk it until smooth and fluffy , while its whisking add your sugar slowly into your mixture. Check your mixture whether its smooth and the sugar totally combine with your egg whites, if its not then whisk until its fit together.

Get your mixture out and place it nicely  in a grease proof paper and put it in a oven on 150 Celsius for 1 hour .
After its finished now its time do decorate it. Get your crane fresh and icing sugar mix it with your vanilla until nice and fluffy .
Add your creams fresh in and around your meringue , now it's time to get your fruit and get rid of the seeds and cut into quarters and place it in the meringue. Now get your almonds and pistachio nuts and give it a crack and sprinkle it over your meringue . As the final touch sprinkle some orange zest over your meringue and it will be the delicious meringue you have ever made and taste .

#love you guys , have fun while cooking ,
Jacob Sean

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