Jamie Oliver

Seafood Paella with freshly grounded Saffron

MAR 03 @ 20:38

by Lottascarpediem

I started a blog about a month ago. I'm Swedish but I live in Catalonia (Girona) and my first decision was to decide upon the language. Finally, I decided for English. So know I'm refreshing my vocabulary along with the different dishes I invent. I read recipes like magazines. I hardly ever use them when I'm cooking... I prefer to cook  according to the condition the day offers my.  For me one of the main reasons to be a good chef is to be able to create a lovely dish with out always counting on the exact ingredients. You know what I mean?

Well, let's see how this work.

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MAR 04 @ 09:53

by Grandmadamada

that's the way I cook, welcome !!! I'm very curious and will be happy following your cooking mood

MAR 07 @ 22:12

by @nGoose1

Nice pic. looks amazing. I agree, I am influenced by what I read and see. I do follow recipes. But many times, what I have denotes what I cook. Especially with foraged produce. The use of the best ingredients comes first. Learning what goes with what and cooking techniques is the key . I have found some great cookbooks that have helped.  As I said, I may not always follow the recipe, but technique and inspiration are there. Sometimes I follow a recipe to the letter.
I will one day make Sweden, the food.
Girona we know and love. I am always puzzled by people rushing to the Barcelona bus (more expensive than the train). I always stopover in Girona on route to Barcelona and other parts of Spain. I have made the festival St Narcis Fair (Fires De Sant Narcis) , well  worth a visit.
It is a beautiful place, especially around the church. At night time it is beautiful.There is a Moorish restaurant in the back streets, that did nice menu del dia. I think it is El Cul de la Lleona , but I don’t know for sure. It was over 5 years ago. I used reviews to find it again. A trip advisor review says it has new owners, which would be a shame, as the Moorish food was very good. I had Tangerine and cheese ice cream, butternut squash soup, chicken tagine. All very nice, 14 Euros.
Please send more things from Gerona , El Celler de Can Roca,  or otherwise my partner and I have fond memories.

MAR 11 @ 19:49

by Lottascarpediem

Ok, great! Sounds like you adore this area and you seem to be quite familiar with Girona!

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