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School meals in Slovenia...

MAR 09 @ 13:18

by janjad

At the start, let me say that I come from a small country in Europe called Slovenia.I have been watching Jamie's shows for quite some time. However, interest increased when I saw the first episode of the show Jamie's food revolution.  By the Shows in England, I was not shocked, I remain speechless , when the program moved to the US. I always wondered how it was possible that there are so many overweight  people,  if this is the land where" dreams come true, where anything is possible".Now I know that's not true.   neutral

I have a ten year old son.He is watching the show with me. When he saw the episode how nuggets  are made, he told me that he  will no longer eat them. Since then, we go to McDonalds very rarely, perhaps once a month.  smile   And even then he doesn't eat  nuggets but a burger. This is progress.

But now I have to say something about nutrition in our schools. I as a parent have access to the school menu, which is on the school website. There is a menu for the whole month.

But I can say that the cooks cook good food, and that is no fast food.

On this menu,  is not even one day with a  pizza or a hamburger. For lunch, children can choose from two menus. They have breakfast (for example, corn bread, turkey ham and tea), morning snack ( brown bread, tuna with vegetables, tea, dried fruit), lunch (for example: a clear soup with noodles, steak in mushroom sauce or meatballs-cereal with mushroom sauce, homemade rolls or buckwheat  porridge, selection of salads with yogurt dressing), afternoon snack (graham bread, vegetablespread, fruits). smile 

And such food, our children receive across the country from kindergarten to the end of primary school.
So I was very shocked when I saw what kids eat in schools in the U.S. or in other countries. shocked

I see now that I live in a country where it is important, despite the crisis, that the  children are healthy and benefit of good healthy food.

I saw that they are usually looking for excuses, that healthy food that is cooked by standard procedures is more expensive than fast food. For us, it is not. There are still many children who have free snacks and lunches. And it does not affect the selection of food that they get to eat.

I am very glad that there is someone who cares for the children of the world. I hope that the food revolution will spread to several countries and that even  more people will be  aware that it is very important what you eat. smile

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