Jamie Oliver

Apple and Curry Basmati Rice

MAR 17 @ 12:40

by Lottascarpediem

Very nice!

4 Apples
1 big Leek
6 Carrots
150 gr. of Mushrooms
2 tbl. spoons of Curry*
2 tbl. spoons of Curcuma
Salt & Allspice
6 Freshly grounded Cloves
Olive Oil
Basmati rice
2 l. of mineral water
* Once of the spices in Curry is curcuma, in this recipe I strengthens the presence of curcuma by adding more separately.

Rince and cut the vegetables and the apples quite finely. Stir-fry in olive oil for about 10 min. with all the spices. Put the vegetables in a paella pan, add the basmati rice (let it soak in mineral water for about an 1 before using it). Mix the vegetables well with the rice, add boiling mineral water and let it cook on a high temperature. All the liquid should be absorbed. Save for a few minutes before serving.

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