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Bolognese & Mortadella-the real stuff, no baloney!

MAR 23 @ 13:09

by jenfuchigami

Inspired by my trip to Bologna, Italy last month I made some pasta Bolognese for dinner last night. I made it in the typical way it was served there, which is a bit different than what I had associated with spaghetti Bolognese in the past:
•    First difference: The sauce was a very thick meaty ragu with very little liquid sauce
•    Second: It’s typically served over tagliatelle pasta rather than spaghetti
•    Thirdly: There wasn’t any cream in the sauce

It’s surprising how I don’t miss all the extra sauce, when you twirl the pasta and meat ragu together with a little parmesean it comes together really nicely with just enough sauce to coat the noodles but not drown the dish.

Bologna was a wonderful food experience. Besides the Bolognese sauce revelation, I also had some delicious mortadella. The type with pistachios is my favorite and nothing like the Oscar Mayer stuff from my childhood memories.

During the trip, I also checked out the food shops at Mercato di Mezzo. I felt like I was in another time all together wandering through the small windy medieval side streets. The specialty food stores in this area are incredible. The tiny streets were packed with fresh produce, meats, seafood, cooking supply shops and cafes. A food lovers heaven!

The sight of all the cured meats at Simoni deli stopped me in my tracks. I had to go in and ended up having a nice chat with one of the guys at the store. He was so friendly and I got the inside scoop from on how they make the tiny little hand folded tortellini they sell in the shop. I also got a little salami to take home as a meatie souviner – can’t wait for it to show up on my antipasti plate ☺

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