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The 3Style Foodie Blog – March

MAR 26 @ 12:18

by sarah3style

Welcome to the new 3Style Foodie Blog. Each month we’ll be posting a food related blog with ideas for recipes, seasonal ingredients and other topical food related stuff.

March brings us shellfish, venison and rhubarb; the last of the winter warmers; and horse of course!

Season’s Eatings – what foods are in season for March?

In March it’s all about the shellfish. Clams and mussels are just reaching the end of their season and winkles, oysters and cockles now at their best. Throw in sea bass and sardines and you’ve got yourself a hell of a bouillabaisse! If that’s a bit adventurous how about a simple sardine pate or a seafood paella? Away from the fish, venison is good in March (see below) and it would be remiss of us in Wakefield, and hot on the tails of the Festival, not to mention rhubarb. After all, who can resist rhubarb crumble?!

Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot...

… We'll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! The weather and temperature actually have a big impact on our eating habits. We’ve suffered through the cold and snow of December, January and February and we’re starting to see a bit more sunshine and lighter evenings yet the air is still chilly and mornings are often still coated with frost, so what do we eat? We may be tempted to embark on ‘salad season’ or perhaps some light pasta dishes but we are of the opinion that we have months ahead of us for all that, especially as most of the lovely spring vegetables and salad ingredients aren’t quite in season in the UK yet. Our advice? Don’t peak too soon! The peas and beans will come to us soon enough and while the sunshine through the office window at lunchtime might make us crave a fresh salad for tea the reality is when you get home the sun will have gone and the cold will remind you that it is still winter. That lettuce and tomato will not cut it.

For now make the most of the winter comfort food while you can. Turnips, sprouts, celery and leeks will be out of season soon enough so why not enjoy some hearty soups, stews and ‘school dinner’ type favourites like sausage and mash, shepherd’s pie and hot pot. Venison is in season now so how about this recipe from Simon Rimmer for venison with bean and chorizo stew?

Food in the News

Of course the biggest food story at the moment is the horsemeat scandal. For most the issue is not an ethical one of eating horsemeat but one of labelling and a trustworthy food supply chain. At 3Style we’re advocates of cooking from scratch but sometimes it’s handy to have something ready to throw in the oven or microwave sat in the freezer so it is a genuine concern for people (the phrase ‘dirty burger’ takes on a whole new meaning). There is now a lot of pressure on food manufacturers and retailers to be more responsible to consumers so hopefully the quality of the meat we buy, and its labelling, will improve. In the meantime many will opt to source their meat from reputable local butchers and farm shops so perhaps this is one in the eye for the supermarkets and a big boost to the independent retailer? That’s probably not a bad thing!

Dining Out

I [Sarah, customer liaison from 3Style] had the pleasure of eating at celebrity chef Bill Granger’s restaurant, Granger and Co, in London last weekend. The food was lovely; the crab, chorizo & kim chee fried brown rice was unusual but really tasty, followed by brown sugar pavlova with yogurt and, yes you’ve guessed it – rhubarb (well you can take the girl out of Wakefield…).

The 3Style Foodie Blog will be back in April with more seasonal inspiration and food news. Please let us know what you think over on our Facebook page!

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