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Awesome Bipins MasalaTandoori Chicken / Lamb Chop

APR 01 @ 21:39

by Bipins Masala

This is a simple and very effective way of making a professional tasting tandoori chicken or if you like tandoori lamb chops at home. I've made this dish many times, takes little time to prepare and most importantly goes down really well at dinner parties and becomes a talking point. The trick is to marinate the meat, ideally for 24hr, and use real fresh tandoori curry herb & spice blend ie. a curry paste made to traditional recipes using while fresh ground spices and Indian herbs. Avoid using the so called tandoori curry powder, these powders do little justice to the traditional authentic flavours that you get from a fresh Indian herb and whole ground spice curry pastes.

Once such a fresh spice and herb mix is the  "Bipin's surti masala". The surti masala has all the spices and fresh herbs carefully put together to deliver the kaleidoscope of  complex colourful flavours of authentic Indian cuisine. Give it a try 1000's of people have created one of the best tasting curries with ease and simplicity. Take a look at some of the feedback from up and down the country to all the way from Australia to USA to Sweden.

Awesome tandoori chicken recipe, the ingredients you will require are

800g of skinless chicken drum sticks with deep cuts or use lean lamb chops
3 tbsp of natural yoghurt
Juice and zest of half a lemon
1 Surti masala fresh curry paste (available by mail order from www.curryfusion.net)
1 tbsp of chopped fresh coriander for garnish
2 green chilli finely chopped, optional for extra kick.
Salt to taste.
Wedge of lemon.

If you prefer a mild curry chilli heat then use the Bipins Gam Masala (http://www.curryfusion.net/bipins-masala-range.php)  which is traditionally chilli free,  perfect for the delicate taste buds.

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APR 03 @ 23:06

by @nGoose1

Having a good spice rack and understanding it is so good. Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape books have put in some amazing places with food. Looking forward to Jamie in the East at some point I hope. Tonight I hat Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken and Cashew nuts, really good.
From the India book Mackerel Massala is one of my top choices. Everything has been good to be honest.
nice post

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