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Baked Fish

APR 18 @ 21:12

by mummza

Bream that has been filled with fine slices of fennel , slices of peeled lemon , fine chopped fresh ginger .
The Garlic has been baked beside the fish  baked so that imparts a gentle flavour.

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APR 21 @ 19:36

by runneralps

that looks really good...clever recipe....i liked the ginger part....

APR 23 @ 15:29

by mummza

I cant claim the recipe is mine , I took insiration from Uyen Luu who did a supper club for last years food revoluton day , its not quite the same as the fish Uyen coked but it similar.

Uyen runs supper clubs in her home and also runs Vietnamese cookery classes in her home, she has a blog
and an instagram page under the name '  loveleluu '.
Recenty one of my daughters went on the cooking class and had an amazing day , she learned loads.

Uyen has a Vietnamese cookery book that will be released in the Autumn .

MAY 16 @ 02:27

by moeabdullah

Hi Mummza! This dish sounds simple yet looks complexyly delicious. It has a chinese italian flavour with the garlic and ginger more chinese and fennel and lemon or italian. Then i read ur comments abt Lulu and being vietnamese, i understand the chinese influence i  this dish. I love fish and i'd love to try this dish. Thanks for sharing!

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