Jamie Oliver

Cinco De Mayo Fusion Fiesta

MAY 05 @ 21:33

by jenfuchigami

Felt a little frisky and tried something a little different for Cinco de Mayo dinner tonight.

I made a batch of Mexican raviolis. This Mexi-Italian creation started out with a regular batch of pasta dough and I added some turmeric when mixing it to give the dough a little yellow color so they would resemble the color of corn tortillas. The filling was some ricotta cheese, cooked chorizo (blitzed to small pieces in the mixer), fire roasted green chilis, lemon zest and some shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. I had some extra green chilis and cooked chorizo left over from the filling, so I added it to the marinara sauce to spice it up. A bit of cilantro and olive oil topped it all off.

My hubby helped me fill and roll the raviolis so we had a bit of fun together in the kitchen smile

I continued the fusion them with a Mexi-French chocolate creme brule. It was a great reason to try out my new blow torch. It was also my first time making creme brule. I was surprised how easy it is. I took a recipe for a chocolate creme brule and added ancho chile powder and cinnamon. The torching was so fun and wowie were they good.

I'll definitely be making these dishes again!

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