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How to grow an indoor herb garden

MAY 07 @ 09:43

by Mr McGregor

Herbs can grow extremely well indoors and for the budding cook who likes nothing more than experimenting with different flavours, an indoor herb garden can be the ideal sous chef. Simply start with a sunny windowsill, preferably where it will receive about six hours of sunlight, plant in a good all-purpose compost and away you go.

However, if you’re like me and do not possess a sunny windowsill then you can use a hydroponic kit, which is a soilless approach to herb growing that uses liquid nourishment and special lights. Alternatively, you could use my guide below that has seen my wife’s herb garden grow into an aromatic kitchen feature.

Step 1 – With a large plant pot that has at least one small hole, add a layer of stones or gravel to the bottom and place on a tray so that any drained water doesn’t make a mess on your windowsill.

Step 2 – Chose your herbs. I prefer to grow hardy plants such as sage and basil. Having a variety of herbs will make an attractive feature as each herb grows to different heights and boasts an array of coloured foliage.

Step 3 – Fill you plant pots with a quality all-purpose compost, three inches from the top and slightly moisten it with water. Creating a small hole, place your herb into the pot ensuring its roots are loosened up a bit. Cover the rootball with more compost and repeat this process for any other herbs. Once you’re finished give your plants a good watering.

Indoor Herb Growing Tips and Tricks

•    Ensure your plants are given plenty of room to grow
•    Regular watering is essential. Make sure that the pots drain thoroughly 
•    To ensure your plants grow evenly turn the pots around every now and again
•    Not much fertiliser is required when it comes to growing herbs
•    When harvesting your herbs make sure the plants are roughly 6 to 8 inches in height and only harvest a quarter of the plant at any one time
•    After harvesting your herb's leaves, wait for it to grow back before snipping its leaves again

Mr McGregor

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MAY 08 @ 14:13

by Grandmadamada


MAY 09 @ 20:59

by englishgraz7

Hi Mr McGregor,
thanks for your hints - great ideas.
Have you ever had little bugs on your herbs? What can you do against them?
And I have difficulties with my chive. As soon as I start cutting it, it doesn't grow back to its full size anymore. Have you got an idea, why?

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