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Beef Rendang @Munich

MAY 16 @ 12:33

by moeabdullah

Today I would like to share a magical story about cooking good food and the passion and love for it. My sister who recently became a German national, whined about how she had missed Malaysian food. She set herself a challenge to cook a very traditional dish that I often make for guests during festive seasons. I gave her the ingredients list and she was off buying the groceries around Munich. It was a challenge to find Asian foodstuff there. The Asian store was a distant away and she was being a bit lazy i guess. However, she managed to get most of the items on the list.

The ingredients
1kg of beef (avoid soft tenderloins as it would disintegrate in the rendang)
2 cans of coconut milk (400g each or powdered is ok. Fresh is better)
7 stalks of lemongrass
A few kaffir lime leaves (about 2 strips-you don't want it to sour. Just a hint and smell)
1kg of onions (red is better as it is more intense. Spanish mild yellow will do)
7 cloves of garlic
1 inch of ginger
3 turmeric leaves (this is the one she could not find. Don't worry if you can't either)
1 bay leave, some sage and corriander leaves for garnish (quite optional as they are people in the forum who hates corriander leaves)
2 tablespoons of ground cumin
2 tablespoon of chilli paste (more if you are brave, less if you make for kiddies)
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
Salt to taste

The cooking method
Chop and blend the onions, garlic, ginger and lemongrass in food processor or blender
Pour mixture into a large wok (pots makes it longer to cook as it needs to deliquify a lot)
Pour in both cans of  coconut milk
Put in the chunky washed beef (cut to about 2 thumbs size. Not too small or else it will disappear)
Start the cooking process at high heat

At this point both my sister and her husband was in disbelief that the dish looked no where near the finished product. Don't panic although i did panic myself at the beginning. All this time i was on the internet phone guiding my sis courtesy of Viber. Once it starts to bubblehmm

Put in the cumin and the brown sugar. If you have the turmeric leaves, chop coarsely and add in as well. This rendang will definitely have volcanic eruptions and i could hear my sis cursing in the background when the eruption hit her face and hands. Without these eruption, the rendang will never be ready. Please cover your kitchen with old newspaper as it does go everywhere floor to walls.

Please stir well as the bottom can easily be burnt. At this point, my sis put the phone near the wok so i can hear it bubbling then hissing when stirred. A sign of a well cooked rendang. Then put in the twisted lime leaves and stir again. You are near completion! I told my sis. After it reduced by 2/3 and the dish becomes sticky, you are almost done. Have a taste and control the salt and sugar if necessary.

The final milestone in this dish is when there is a layer of oil breaking out on top of the dish.
Normally served with rice or ricecakes. But can do with potatoes or spaghetti. Add the herb leaves as garnish before serving.

I thank my brave sister for her effort. The guide came 13,000km away and to me it was amazing. It was even sweeter when both of them enjoyed the food so much and her husband wanted it to be a regular affair. Cooking from home away from home. Good luck!

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MAY 30 @ 20:35

by mr spice

Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I love spicy food and this recipe sounds great. I can't wait to try it...big_smile

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