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Deep Fried Chilli Beef

MAY 17 @ 05:34

by moeabdullah

It is a cold, wet and grey day here in Kuala Lumpur on the Food Revolution  Day May 17th 2013. A nice warm dish comes to mind this dull day. This is also a tribute for a question posted in the forums. The photo is courtesy of linglingchinese.co.uk

The main thing about the Deep Fried Chilli Beef is in the chilli itself. I would use some dried chillies soaked in warm water for abt an hour until semi soft. Then with a stone mortar, pound the life out of it with some garlic until you see some oil coming out of it. It doesn't work with a blender coz you need to add water to get it going. This almost eliminates the chances of extracting oil from the chillies. The rest of the ingredients are as followshmm

250g of beef cut into long strips
Abt 25g of dried chillies (a handful)
5 cloves of garlic
1 large carrot cut to long strips
A teaspoon of cumin
A tablespoon of sugar (i prefer brown sugar)
Salt to taste

In a bowl, mix the beef with cumin and a small pinch of salt and sugar
Add the mortared chilli into the bowl especially the oil from the chillies
Add the carrot strips and the tablespoon of sugar and mix thoroughly
You know what?..you are ready to deep fry now! I think this could be another 15mm..

Choice of sauces
The easiest is of course the ready made ones. The list arehmm
1. Mayonnaise
2. Thousand island
3. Mint sauce
4. Tartar sauce
5. Sweet bottled chilli sauce

However, i shall share a homemade sweet chilli sauce. It goes nice with grilled chicken or fish as well. To make the sauce, you need the above mortar action again for best results. Or you can have fresh red chillies and blend them with garlic. The taste are not quite the same but equally good.
You would also need blended fresh tomatoes for a bit of balancing taste. You can blender the tomatoes with the chillies should you take this option.

With the mortared or blended chillies, pour them in a small pot to cook in low to medium heat.
Add salt and sugar to taste.
As an option, put a few dashes of vinegar. The choice of vinegar is yours but we normally use rice vinegar. Malt is fine too.
Cook until the sauce has thicken and you see it shine with glaze.

Ready to serve! With the fried chilli beef on a plate, pour some of the sweet chilli sauce on top. Save the rest as a dipping sauce. Brilliant on a rainy day like today.
Happy Food Revolution Day everyone!

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MAY 21 @ 22:19

by Toddr

Thank you, I'm going to try this at the weekend.
Thanks again ,

Kind regards


MAY 30 @ 20:42

by mr spice

Looks amazing! Thanksthumbsup

MAY 30 @ 20:45

by mr spice

and I can't wait to try your chilli saucethumbsup

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