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Cooking lunch in the Philips HomeCooker part 2

SEP 24 @ 09:49

by Danny

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Earlier in the week I cooked a special lunch for the online team in the Philips HomeCooker. It was such a success that I decided to treat them once again and this week I chose a lovely Italian vegetable stew with broad beans, peas and artichokes and Steamed Sea Bass. Two more of Jamie's recipes that he created especially for the HomeCooker. When I was prepping the ingredients for the stew I started to think that I could really do with having one of the HomeCookers at my house. I love cooking for my friends but sadly my kitchen is located quite a distance away from my dining room and when I whip up a special meal I often miss out on spending time with my guests. The HomeCooker would certainly take care of this challenge as the dinner could be cooking away and being stirred whilst I was having a glass of wine with my friends (no more burnt pots and kitchen disasters!).

I think the Italian vegetable stew was my favourite dish to cook out of the four options. So simple and again I really loved Jamie's additions of things like mint and cooking with prosciutto to boost the flavours was just brilliant! By now I had definitely mastered the HomeCooker – not that it was difficult to master as it is very easy to use and Jamie's recipes as ever are very easy to follow. As I prepared my last dish for the online team – Steamed Sea Bass I started to think of all of the other dishes that I could make here in the office, with winter around the corner curries came to mind and lovely risottos as well. The last dish had everything in it that I love – spice, rice and sea bass which is a must for me at the moment as I am training for a marathon. For the first time I used the steaming compartment in the HomeCooker and following the recipe the fish was steamed perfectly. Again, the onliners loved this dish and at the end of my cooking adventure I was one step closer to either taking this one home with me or buying one of the HomeCookers myself.

Find out more information here:  www.jamieoliver.com/homecooker

For part one of my blog: http://www.jamieoliver.com/bloggers/vie … p?id=78508

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OCT 24 @ 08:40

by rangkuti

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