Giuseppe was born in Italy but has travelled and lived all over the world to learn from each country’s best bartenders. He’s now considered one of the world’s best mixologists.


Drink expert, mixologist and ambassador for Bacardi, as well as a Vermouth maestro who’s passionate for any kind of liquid art! Today I’m travelling the world sharing knowledge, passion and craft for the art of bartending, organising events and hosting cocktail festivals.


On the Amalfi Coast in Italy in 1980.

Current hometown

Travelling the world for business and pleasure but I’ve considered myself a Londoner since about 2005.

Why bartending

Coming from a touristic area such as Amalfi Coast, the most likely career option at school was hospitality. Having a gastronomy family business with grandmamma and mother spending most of the day cooking, making Limoncello and so on it was a constant inspiration since childhood.

The first cocktail I made

A negroni, the ultimate Italian aperitivo! I was only 18 and started to work in local cafe near home. You’ve got to get the gin, bitters and sweet Vermouth in the perfect ratio. This a cocktail that the embrace the rule of three : the first time usually you don’t like it, second time it gets better and the third time you love it and never go back!

Favourite cocktail

It’s like a favourite dish for a Chef – your favourite cocktail is the one you’re in the mood for, but I love Tequila so a Tommy’s Margarita for a hot day, Negroni for Aperitivo, and a whiskey Old Fashioned for after dinner. Together they would make my perfect day.

The Team


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