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We're all about the food! It's at the heart of what we do and, from the chefs in the kitchen to the serving staff, everyone on the team has a passion for food and for serving it with an element of fun and theatre. "Best of British" and Mediterranean-inspired food with soul are definitely our signature styles.

Provenance is hugely important to us. The food we serve is sourced locally wherever possible, but if taking a swim off our shores means getting the best ingredients, then that's what we'll do. We know and regularly meet with our farmers and producers - whether for livestock or other fresh foods - meaning we can ensure the very highest welfare and standards in everything we create, as well as forging close, long-term relationships at the same time. For example, our incredible mozzarella is made by the same Neapolitan family business Jamie discovered years ago, our sourdough bread is baked in Jamie's very own bakery, and we regularly buy in a range of seasonal, locally grown fresh produce from passionate growers.

Fussy food isn't our thing, but we do want your guests to experience something they might not cook for themselves at home. Whether that's platters of amazing dishes made from forgotten cuts of meat or lesser-known varieties of fish or traditional dishes with Jamie's subtle twists, we guarantee your guests will be blown away by our food!

UK 01295 254556 or feel free to email us.

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