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Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts is a partnership between Jamie and fresh food expert Nigel Harris based on a shared passion for delivering an exciting new concept to the event catering industry. Together, Jamie and Nigel have created a unique offering that concentrates on sourcing the best food from great producers and adding Jamie's creative twist and flair to create truly fabulous dishes!

Our food is delivered through an established and experienced team to three main sectors in the event catering industry. Whether you're running a hospitality offering, public catering or a fixed offer from a venue, Fabulous Feasts will have vibrant menus, which never compromise on quality, to suit your needs. Above all, we're all about taking the best raw ingredients and working with Jamie and our team of chefs to write the best, tastiest menus for every plate or bowl of food we create and serve.

"When I was earning my pocket money as a kid at my Dad's pub, I always loved working on special events like weddings and parties, and this is really what inspired Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts. It's an opportunity for me to be involved in the sort of catering I'm passionate about - bringing people together and making an occasion truly memorable. Our focus is on making sure that everything is spot on. We've got incredible food, flexible menus to cover all occasions, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I hope you'll be trying us out in the not-too-distant future!"

UK 01295 254556 or feel free to email us.

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