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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

I'd say contact all your local (TOP quality) hotels and restaraunts. (no less than 4 * or 1 rossette) Ask for either sponsorship (to send you to college and work off the money) or a job, where they do NVQ's or SVQ's in house.

Like I said before in another thread, I am just starting to do my SVQ's now, but have been cooking for a while and have good skills. (or so I think)

Experience is worth more than a bit of paper anyday.  As for the basics.....Get the pratical cookery book.  It's like a bible of basics.

I have the eighth edition (old now) by Victor Ceserani, Ronald Kinton and David Foskett.

It's what you should start to read first.

Hope this helps.


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hows your meez?

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Im not sure exactly how it works over in England. Do you not have the opportunity to apprentice under a chef? That is how I actualy qaulified here in Australia, i apprenticed under a chef for about 4 years, during that time you would go to college for 3, 6 week blocks through out those four years.
Thinking about a checkered career? Hold on and get ready for the ride of a life time! big_smile

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

I am really keen to get started with my own place where I would primarily like to make soups and shakes. I guess that soups (with the exception of chilled soups which aren't everyone's favourite) are a seasonal thing, so I thought that perhaps cakes and shakes alongside the soups could be a good idea.
Portsmouth has quite a big student community so there's lots of opportunities to do well if the location is good and the food is reasonably priced.
There isn't anything else like this in Portsmouth so maybe it could work. I'm also interested in the possibility of a vegetarian resturant as there is at present only one, small and very overpriced restuarant in town.
Just wondered if anyone had any tips on this? Be grateful for any advice!   big_smile

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

I studied Hotel & Catering in Stellenbosch, South Africa , but r still not able 2 find work in that line.  I have been trying for 5 yrs now.

Seems that people in RSA think they r 2 high & mighty 2 employ people who have just finished their studies.  They do not care about the little guy at the very bottom.

How r we supposed 2 find work in that line if no one wants 2 help us?

Can anybody please help? sad

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

hey jamie is such a ace chef, im 15 and love to cook have made most of his dishes, they rule!
i am half way through ma 1st yr of GCSE and loving it, i am goin 2 b as good as u 1 day jamie  wink u are soo inspiring!. when i am older hehe i will open a restauraunt ne1 willing 2 help??? luv yall xx lauren hehe xx

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hey jamie im only in highschool but getting good marks and  stuff I was wondering what really inspired you to become a chef when you were just young

Loved the italian getaway brilliant and very funny

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Marcos Bin

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

In 2003 i went to Sydney Australia for study, business, and there i got a job at JetBar-café on Queen Victoria Building, i start there like a waiter but in one week i asked my boss if i can change to the kitchen, so i started work and i just loved, i was one year in Sydney and was there that i saw Jamie Oliver the first time.
Guys for sure Jamie was my big symbol for start cook!
Last year i was in London, work place Dim-t Asian food in Charlotte st, Hampsted and High Gate Village, great experience and London was fantastic and i had opportunity to visit the Fifteen, to be honest i was a little jealous to see the guys working with jamie.  wink 
jamie learn wifh you is desire mate...
jamie tanks mate for contribute in my Chef´s Life!
I´m your FAN number one
Big hug mate
Marcos from Brazil
Marcos from Brazil

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

On of my biggest wishes is to pick up my Catering education again,and found nice job that i can Combine with my little girl.
11 years ago when i finished High School, where i did a Bakery education, i started Education for Catering/Cooking.
4 days working 1 day a week to school, At the time i worked at a cafetria/Small restaurant, But my chef didn't teach me notthing at all , so i had to quit, and give me up my education because i was half way into the course, and founding new work at that time , was very hard in Holland.
Last couple of years i worked in serveral restaurants and in the Catering, so i did up some expirence, Now that my daughter is gettin bigger and is 5 years old now, I really wanna pick up my education again and found nice job that i can combine with daughter, can someone give me advise , what the best way is start this all off again

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

hi everybody,
I'm from italy, I run the kitchen of an italian restaurant since I was 19,then I decided to move to uk, but I'm afraid that the experience that I have would not be enough in uk cause I never trained as a chef in a proper way,I just followed my granma and mum footsteps.and I'm studying international politics at pisa university.what should I do?I so want to live and work in uk

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ratih pertiwi

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Re: Can you give me any top tips on getting started as a chef?

Hello Mr O
It's so nice that I can write this to you.  yikes
I live in Jakarta Indonesia,my family has a family business which is catering business. I am in the 2nd generation & really enjoy this business, by this forums I want to ask a question.
I like to help my aunt in the kitchen whether to cut some vegetables or make rhu(I don't know how to spell,she uses this for the layer in lasagna) I always help her in any kind of chance I have ,but I can't remember some recipes at all.  :cry: Do I have to memorise it just like a school book??

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