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#4451 Wed 09 Jul 14 10:29pm


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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Someone would like to know if they can substitute maple syrup for golden syrup in Jamie's recipe, 'Rocky Road Kill'.  Can your team give them some advice?  Thanks! … 98#p715598

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#4452 Wed 27 Aug 14 1:11am

Kiwi Kris

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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints?

Hi Abby! I thought I'd let you know that the recipes you asked us to post for *Jamie's 10th Forum Anniversary are still not registering on the Members Recipes page* - as some are dated back to '09/'10. My "afghan biscuit" recipe isn't there + another page is missing with other members recipes also.

Thanks! And, I hope all is well over in the U.K? Take care! wave

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#4453 Fri 12 Sep 14 5:14pm


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Re: Website/forum: issues and complaints? … 65#p717765

Abby can you look at the above link and pass it on to the correct people please it's about a crazed pan lid .
Thank you

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