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jamies new range of food at sainsburys

I bought a jar of jamies tomatoe and basil pasta sauce to see if it was any good.Just out of curiosity as i normally make my own.I was surprised it was really good, not surprised because it's jamies range just surprised because normally i don't like bought sauces. My son woofed it down.I tried it a week later again this time adding bits of bacon, onions and mushrooms to the sauce and pasta, and all my family cleared their plates even my fussy eater of a daughter who is 8. So it is handy to keep in the cupboard on the days when you get back late after going to the zoo or just can't be bothered with too muh cooking. Well done jamie for making a sauce my whole family agrees is worth eating ( as good as mine!  lol  mrgreen

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Re: jamies new range of food at sainsburys

I wish we had it here, not sure if we do as Ive never seen it. I totally loathe bought pasta sauces (except pesto) and would be interested to try Jamies version.

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