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I'm from australia and have been here for about two months now and love it!

The first cook book I ever bought was by Jamie Oliver,
It gave me more confidence and helped me devolop skills that can be used everyday, even if your not a chef.

I finished my first year of my apprenticeship but went of the rails and my family suggested leaving Australia to travel and broaden my outlook on life.

I have got myself back on my feet and are now ready to experience as many cultures as possible, is there anyone else in my position that would like to come with me?

I am trying really hard not to go down that track again!

Thankyou Jamie for your inspiration it has defintely worked and I'm starting to love food again!

Love Carla. smile

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Re: HELLO!!! :-) CARLA

Aloha Carla and welcome to the forums and the community.. Good luck with finding your spirit guide on your journey in life.. thumbsup I've just gone through, and still am abit, a life change and trying to find my feet again.. Enjoy your stay with us here..

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