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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

Right now I am hunting high a low for any 2004 California zinfandel's. I also have found a good, affordable Bordeaux. Its Chateau Landat Haut-Medoc 2005. Its a blend of Cab, merlot and petit verdot, and has been aging in oak for 12 months. Its down right amazing for a $20 Bordeaux

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

Hi there my favourite wine at the moment is ZINFANDEL ROSÉ.
As a rule I don't really drink wine but this has really caught my interest!!!!!!

It makes me feel posh when I have it - What a sad life I lead  yummy


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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

I'm italian.... I'm from Tuscany and right now I live in Piedmont so it's impossible for me to get a vote outside my country  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile
Red wine: Turriga (from Sardinia, it's made with Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale and black Malvasia grapes.... it's a taste explosion but expensive 70 € - $61)
Desiderio (Tuscany, Merlot grapes, without defect and love at first taste cool  30 € - $26)
Le Stanze del Poliziano (Tuscany, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mer­lot grapes, our first date wine  whistle  30 € - $26)
Sagrantino Montefalco 25 anni Caprai (Umbria, Sagrantino grapes, excellent 50 € -$43)
Cuccaia (Tuscany, Sangiovese & Merlot grapes, good good gooood 10 €  - $9)
The list it's should be more and more..... but I can't big_smile

White wine:
Cervaro della Sala (Umbria, chardonnay & grechetto grapes, 25 € - $ 21)
Bramito del Cervo (Umbria, chardonnay & grechetto grapes, 18€ - $ 15)
Costamolino (Sardinia, vermentino grapes, 7 € - $5)
Gewürztraminer (trentino, traminer, 10 € - $9)
the same thing about red wine.... very very long list

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

My favourate wine behind lager is yellow tail pinot grigioi

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

I'm no wine buff, but I LOVE drinking it.  Chateauneuf Du Pape is my favourite for a special occasion, with a nice fillet steak. Its warm and peppery, and just genrally delicious.  One of the few wines hubby and I both enjoy.

For regular quoffing wine I tend to go for

Up A Gum Tree ~ Shiraz
Runamok ~ Shiraz
Pinot Grigio
Cava Brut

Any tasting suggestions would be greatly received.

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

G'day gregandjanine,

Good to see another Aussie and one from Brisbane!

Not wrong about it always getting hot enough for a cold one!

It was disappointing to see not a huge amount of Australian wines mentioned, especially when we produce some good stuff.

I don’t claim to know a great deal about wine, but i know it is hard to go past:

Penfolds 407 - Always good
Penfolds 707 - Fantastic but getting $$
Penfolds Grange - Makes you believe in god but very $$$$ (only for those special occians).

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

Castillero del Diablo from Trader Joe's! Tasty, fruity ..and only $6.99

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Liz T

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

One of my favourite reds is Wolf Blass yellow label - need to have it with food though.  For just chug a lugging, I like Blossom Hill "soft and fruity"  California Red.   smile

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

I am from Australia and love wine made by winemaker and vitaculturist, John Lyon in the Hunter Valley.  He can be found at the Millfield Winery.  Also Arrowfield Winery make a lovely Sparkling Chardonnay, Annie's Block"something like that"  it may be blended with some of their Maclaren Vale Wine.  Very nice drop.  I guess it is a big no no to use in you cookery the wine you will be drinking.

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Re: What's your favourite wine.... and why???

Hi emilkeel,

Actually wine that you drink is actually fine to use in cooking.

Because if you don't like to drink it, chances are you won't like it in your cooking. wink

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