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Flexible cake moulds


Does anyone know if the flexible moulds which jamie made with tefal can only be used for cake baking?  i'm wondering if the loaf tin can be used to make a lasagne??

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Re: Flexible cake moulds

I don't know about the tefal series, but I seem to remember having seen flexible moulds advertised with all kinds of things in them. After all, they are oven safe up to 220 C or so.
The only thing you have to be careful about is not to cut with a knife inside the mould. I used to have one of those things to put on the cookie sheet and my hubby made (frozen) pizza on it - and then used the pizza cutter......  mad   smile

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Re: Flexible cake moulds

I have a square silicone mould and I make lasagne in it and also toad in the hole.  I have lots of silicone moulds bought from many different outlets and I prefer them to tins.  They are easy to clean but do not let a knife anywhere near them.Valeriea.

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