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#1 Wed 28 Feb 07 3:12pm


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Delicious home made fruit ice-cream

Dear all!

During the last summer I find out how to prepare home made fruit ice-cream just by an accident. Becouse the ice-cream is so so good I would like to share the recipe with all of you.


- frozen blueberries and/or strawberries (about 1/2 l)
- one banana
- sour yogurt (no suger)
- soya cream
- milk (fat or skim)
- brown sugger

* an a (strong) blender in which frozen fruit could be blend !!

Put into blender still frozen blueberries and strawberries. I suggest you to cut frozen strawberries to a small peaces (to the size of blueberries) so that you can't break the blender. Then blend the frozen fruits to the highest power for aprox. 40 sekundes. Then put into the mixed fruits one banana which you cut into small peaces. Bland again. Don't worry if all the fruits mixed into so called clump. After you bland the fruits you add slowely yogurt, some soya cream and milk (you have to bland all the time if you have the blender in which you can put ingreadients, otherwise add each ingredient by itself and bland). But be careful not to put so much of all this, us the ice-cream still have to stay thick. At the end add the brown suger (not white) as it will produce special flavour. If you are diabetic you can have ice-cream without sugger as the banana already produce sweet taste. Individual can add the sugger according to his/her choice. I recommend to add sugger slowely and taste if after you bland ice-cream one more time.

So made ice cream must be served immediately.

Bon apetit!!

For more info please contact be my e-mail: petra.gruden@gmail.com

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#2 Wed 28 Feb 07 5:27pm


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Re: Delicious home made fruit ice-cream

Hi Petra,

you should never post your e-mail address in a public forum! (Lots of spam out there these days).

I make sorbet with frozen fruit that I just blend with powdered sugar and liceur (if desired). Works nicely. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, too.

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#3 Wed 28 Feb 07 5:40pm


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Re: Delicious home made fruit ice-cream

I just get frozen fruit and puree it, nothing added at all. I made a beautiful strawberry sorbet for Valentines day and it tasted delicious.

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#4 Wed 28 Feb 07 10:47pm


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Re: Delicious home made fruit ice-cream

Awesome when you use sweet fruit! Strawberries sound awesome! Also good with just yoghurt (about half fruit, half yoghurt)...
(I usually used mixed berries and the redcurrants tend to be rather sourish... wink - that's why sugar is a nice addition... )

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#5 Fri 02 Mar 07 10:30am


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Re: Delicious home made fruit ice-cream

i was very lucky a few years ago and stumbled across an old crushed ice electric icecream maker secondhand..  This way i can make two or three different types of icecream at once without having to wait for a gel insert to freeze .  i just need an extra bag of ice and some salt and i am off to the races...
My particular favourite is fresh raspberry off the bush at the side of my house and strawberry when they are in season.

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