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#1 Wed 28 Feb 07 11:18pm


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Has anyone got Jamies's Lime Cheesecake recipe?

Hi everyone!  smile

I'm new to Jamie's website (new to cooking really too!!) - my Uncle is a fab cook and once made Jamies Seriously Adult Lime Cheesecake (I think its called) - it was delicious and I'd love to attempt to make it myself but he's lost the recipe - can anyone help this MAJOR foodlover out?  help

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#2 Thu 01 Mar 07 9:46am

young mum

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Re: Has anyone got Jamies's Lime Cheesecake recipe?

Lemon And Lime Cream Tart

Yield:  8


Lemon And Lime Cream Tart
1 tart shell, baked blind
8 large free-range egg
12 oz caster sugar
12 oz double cream
7 1/2 oz lime, juice
3 3/4 oz lemon, juice
Lemon And Lime Cream Tart
With this particular tart, as it has a moist filling, it’s important to egg-wash the uncooked tart shell before adding the filling. This adds a sort of waterproof layer and keeps the pastry crisp and short for longer.
Whisk together the sugar and eggs in a bowl.
When they are well mixed, slowly stir in the cream and the juices.
Put the cooked tart shell back into the oven and then pour the filling into it – I find this reduces spillage.
Bake for around 40 to 45 minutes at 180C/350F/Gas 4 or until the filling is set, but still semi-wobbly in the middle (obviously different ovens will cook at different rate so it is good for you to try this tart a couple of times to gauge exactly when you should take it out of the oven).
After cooling for an hour, the semi-wobbly filling will have firmed up to the perfect consistency; soft and smooth. If you cut it before it has had time to rest it will pour out or be extremely gooey.
You can dust it with a little icing sugar, if you wish. Serve with a huge pile of fresh raspberries or strawberries. Whatever you decide to serve it with should be quite simple so that you let the tart do the talking.

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