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#1 Sun 04 Mar 07 10:58pm


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Flavor Shaker

I bought the flavor shaker. Dont know why, guess it would be good. I soon discovered that it cracked in the plastic. Right where you screw it together. Too weak construction. Alltogether my worst investment ever made. The pestel an mortel works just as good, even better. I think I bought it because of Jamie, I love his food and his person, and I understand that he needs to advertise stuff. But I think the flavor shaker sucks. Please stop shoving stuff in our faces. We can´t think for our selves and will buy whatever you hold in your hands. Second I think you should come to Sweden again, cook for us and you might be forgiven.


Christian sad

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#2 Mon 05 Mar 07 3:11am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Flavor Shaker

Just call the shop you got it from or the manufacturer and talk to them about it. A handful of people have reported similar problems here but I've got a flavour shaker (had it for more than a year and use it semi regularly) and it's fine, no cracks, nothing.

And trust me, you'll probably make a worse investment. Have you never bought anything that wasn't quite right when you got it home? Although most products are quality controlled some items that aren't right get through, that's why manufacturer's have returns policies. For example, I've had to return about 5 things to IKEA because of manufacturing faults, but I don't think IKEA sucks and I don't think their products are inherently badly made nor am I bothered by their advertising.

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#3 Mon 05 Mar 07 10:46am


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Re: Flavor Shaker

hi - ta for the feedback

there is already a thread on the Flavour Shaker here:

http://forum.jamieoliver.com/viewtopic. … 48&p=1

and if you visit flavourshaker.co.uk you can easily find contact details for the manufacturer who would also appreciate your feedback


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