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Saying Hello

Hi, Name is Matt. I"m 25, and have been cooking in kitchens for the past 6 years.  Right now Im trying to rekindle my passion for cooking and make my way to becoming a better cook. I aim to become a chef one day, and inspire to have the same culinary know-how , such that Jamie has.

That's all for now.

-- Z

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Re: Saying Hello

Hey,my name is Annika, becoming 24 in may, and from the southwest of Gemany.I love all receipes from Jamie...just watching him in a Tv Cook Show on Tv....he is lovely.
Just wanted to say how great it is that your site is avaiable in German as well. I can understand English perfectly, but is good for the translate of ingredients. Not every word is in the dictionary ;-)

Bye bye and thanks for making my dinners much better then they have been till now.. I love your food.

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