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Youth Club Please read Jamie

Hi, me and a friend are in the process of setting up a Youth Club at Portchester Community Centre in hampshire. The main aim will be to take the youth of today off the streets and give them somewhere to go on a Friday night and day trips on a Sunday. Although we are subsidised by Fareham Borough Council we are a charity. Although nothing top do with cooking I was impressed with the way Jamie influenced the kids to eat properly and ensure that school dinners were improved. The reason for liking the way you did it was that the he got on there level. If Jamie can improve school dinners, why cant we improve where they go of an evening or of a weekend. We have been very lucky for getting alot of support from Hampshire Police for the set up. The Youth Club starts April 2007 and we want it hopefully to be a start of rebuilding youth groups with communities. The kids will enjoy themselves, be given the opportunity to develop there skills learning by enjoying. Some of the work will include learning how create a CV on computer. We want the kids to come along and not treat it like school but have fun. I myself had a Youth Club when I was Younger and Im sure Jamie did as well. Most of the kids will be aged 12-16 yrs old and we hope they gain something out of it. I myself will be later on teaching the kids basic cooking skills and other life skills will be taught by the other Volunteers. I am also the resident DJ and will be DJing for the first time in front of strangers in April. !!!Getting rather nervous!!!!
In June we will be having a community fun day to open up the centre to all the kids and there families to come in and hopefully some of the parents may join some of the activities within the centre. Jamies I have a question. How did you convince Mr. Blair to improve school dinners in every school? The reason I ask is that I was thinking of starting a campaine called "Clear the streets", this is to try and convince the government to improve more communities by opening more youth groups with dedicated volunteers. This would give the kids a place to go of an evening and learn something they wouldnt in School and would also make the streets safer at night. Jamie you are my idle and what you did with school dinners was amazing well done. Oh and Jamie anytime you feel the urge to pop into the centre let us know. Dont worry there will be No press or stupid TV interviews just a bunch of volunteers and kids. Also dont forget we are a charity so if any of your agents want us to pay well we cant.  big_smile

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