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Fishy Problem

I have a huge problem on getting my fish fresh from the market.
I live in Malaysia where climates and humidity are not suitable to keep the freshness of fish very long. I do not want to freeze them nor wake up at 6am in the morning (thats when fishermen comes home from the sea) and buy them straight from the seaside. I live in the city by the way, and thats another problem of getting anything fresh, unless u rare them yourself. Thats not going to happen as I am staying in an area not intended for that. Problem, I really want to try fishes such as salmon, trout, bass, cod and loads of other stuff, foreign than what we have here.
They are fresh from the market,but not sushi quality when I bring it back home. Does it effect the texture, flavour and gred if it were to survive a two hour journey home in 28 - 32 degrees C, with a total of 70 - 80 % humidity on the way? How can I deal with that?  help

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Re: Fishy Problem

Local fish is better because it hasn't travelled in it's dead state long distances.

When you get fish get some ice in a cool box and take it home in that.

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Re: Fishy Problem

yeah, no ice at 28+ will almost cook it. otherwise listen to the wise white rasbbit

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Re: Fishy Problem

When you get it home, give it a quick bath in ice cold water with some salt in it, pat it dry and refrigerate...

And as above, transport it home in an iced box, or cooler.

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