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Looking for an old episode...

Hi everyone!
I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm after an old episode where Jamie cooks for the band Jamiroquai. It's quite an early episode, but i have looked everywhere and have had no luck so far.
I'm hopeful someone out there may have it.


Sarah. smile

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Re: Looking for an old episode...

Can't help with the episode, but tge recioes from it are here, I think:-

And, since you are in Melbourne, you can watch a re-run of it on "Lifestyle Food" Chanel, on May 10th & 11th … b=upcoming

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Re: Looking for an old episode...

The episode was the first episode of series three of the naked chef.

The episode is called "Rock and Roast"

Follow this link for the recipies mate... … 25,00.html

Dave B

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