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#1 Thu 29 Mar 07 10:30am


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prevention of obesity

i am currently in school studying digital communication in my english coursework. my topic is food and i was hoping for some ideas that i could include. my main idea was the rise in child obesity, howeveri am unawre of the facts that lead to the obesity problems and what foods should be eaten to avoid the problem. i would be greatfull for anyones help! xxx

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#2 Thu 29 Mar 07 9:43pm


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Re: prevention of obesity

Have you run search on "child obesity"

There are an increasing number of websites devoted to the issues around child obesity - so it will be well worth checking.

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#3 Thu 29 Mar 07 10:08pm


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Re: prevention of obesity

beckiboo123 wrote:

howeveri am unawre of the facts that lead to the obesity problems

Does this imply that your school has never taught you what things lead to obesity?

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#4 Wed 11 Apr 07 4:50am

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Re: prevention of obesity

I just finished a nine-part article series on this topic back at my site. You can find the index to the article series here at … plete.html

Most information is from the Institute of Medicine's report on childhood obesity and food marketing, plus there are helpful links and resources at the end of the series. Let me know if you find this useful. It is very in depth and covers all the sources of influence on obesity in our kids.

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