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Jamie at Home - Sydney

Jamies at Home is a real treat!! Full zazz and vibe Jamie really nails with some recipes on the BBQ/coals or in the brick oven, which really is suitable for me as I just recently built one to enjoy and I have been.

If you have a brick oven share with me and vice cersa some recipes and meals, I tried Jamie's lambs and pork in the brick oven with his made made BBQ sauce and it was absolutley a kracka!! my family and mates really did some serious finger licking!!!


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Re: Jamie at Home - Sydney

I have really been enjoying the Jamie at Home program also. I often have to substitute the main ingredient however as I am a vegetarian. Eggplant, field mushrooms and of course tofu (get it fresh) is a great replacement. On a completely different not, for all those aussie's out there, it has been reported that Jamie Oliver hired an exclusive
charter boat sydney harbour and jetted about on the harbour when he was here last. Doing it in style Jamie. I like it!

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