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#11 Thu 26 Apr 07 11:03am


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Re: Cold duck - any ideas on how to use?

Don't mind if I chip in here guys...

There are a whole bunch of things that you can do. Firstly you could shred it up with a fork and crisp it up in a pan and make a lovely warm salad with some lovely pomegranates with lovely crunchy leaves. Then you could make a dressing as well with lovely hoisin sauce which is delicious and you could even throw in left over noodles and stuff like that and make a delicious warm salad.

Also in Italy they love putting Mostarda di Cremona with boiled or roasted meats that are eaten cold the next day. It is really lovely and personally I like to turn it into a little sandwich. Mostarda di Cremona is basically hot mustard fruits which is a really, really interesting dish.

There are also many ragu style pastas that are made the next day after any kind of roasts, be that game, lamb, beef, duck. All you have to do is tear or chop up left over meat and add it to slowly sweated carrots and onions and leeks, herbs, red wine and tomatoes and just re cook it and stew it for a couple of hours and serve it with some papadelle, delicious!!!

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#12 Thu 26 Apr 07 12:09pm


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Re: Cold duck - any ideas on how to use?

Those sound so good!!  I might just have to defrost the second duck sitting in the freezer  big_smile    Thank you so much!

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