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Spaghetti question

I am trying to recreate a spaghetti dish I ate years ago in a restaurant but cant get the taste right. I use

Lean mince
Sun dried tomatoes for the paste
Swiss brown mushrooms
Fresh garlic
Salt and pepper

I use tin tomatoes when i cant get good fresh ones but it just doesn't taste right its not strong enough on the tomato taste. Can anyone suggest how to increase the tomato flavor in this dish.

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Re: Spaghetti question

hmmm, im not sure but this is usually what i do when it comes to tomato sauces...If i feel that the tomato flavor is lacking i would add canned condensed tomato paste just a table spoon or two

just wondering, what kinda sauce r u making? bolognese? (however u spell that :P)
o yesss this is my first post ooooooooooooo! lololol big_smile
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Re: Spaghetti question

You could use a semi dried tomato paste along with what you are already using. neutral

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Re: Spaghetti question

I would gently fry off the pancetta first in a seperate pan. I would do this because I think the fat that comes out of the pancetta would be quite salty. I would then discard the fat.

This is what I would do......

I would also add some onions. I would  finely chop the onions and sautee them untill they begin to caramilise and then add the mince to the same pan , keep stirring the mince untill it browns a little ,add the garlic towards the end of this.
I would then add the tomatoes,  (and if it were me ...I would always add red wine to this sort of sauce,!!).
I would also add a little bit of sugar when I add the tomatoes, this will help to enhance the tomaatoe flavour and will not realy affect the flavour of the meat.
I never add mushrooms untill the cooking process is nearing the end, this is because I find that the texture of the mushrooms does not require much cooking.
The basil I would add at the very end just before serving. I would do this because it will then just wilt in the heat of the sauce and it will also keep most of its flavour.
use fresh ground pepper, and salt to season.

I hope this helps, I am a vegetarian but I always cook meat for my family, I have learned to season the meat by the smell alone but occasionally one of my family will act as a taster for me  lol

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Re: Spaghetti question

i add a hefty squirt of tomato ketchup into my bolognaise sauce - adds the tomatoieness and a little sweet edge too.

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Re: Spaghetti question

Tinned tomatoes are a lot more intense than most tomatoes we get here (not enough sun). Then dried tomatoes are more intense (but often more salty, too). Tomato paste (the condensed stuff) is quite good, too. It thickens the sauce, too. I often add it to the mince when it is still frying, but starting to lose it's pink color. I tickles some of the flavors out I think...

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Re: Spaghetti question

try roasting a whole load of tomatoes in the oven with a good splash of olive oil, when soft pass em thru a sieve and reduce in a saucepan to a thick paste, use this in your recipe instead of tinned with a couple of spoons of sugar if too acidic.


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