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#1 Sat 21 Apr 07 9:29am


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English breakfast sandwich recipe wanted HELP

im looking to find jamies huge breakfast sandwich from his first book (all done in one pan i think and wondered if anyone could help


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#2 Sat 21 Apr 07 12:36pm


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Re: English breakfast sandwich recipe wanted HELP

Hi saltydog -

Here you go....

Jamie's recipe for Midnight pan-cooked Breakfast from his book "The Return of the Naked Chef"

Me and this dish go back a long way. To the pre-shaving days of being an underaged drinker down at the Wagon and Horses in Saffron Walden with a fake ID and all my village mates; Only once in a while, of course.

But seriously, without trying to sound like a lagered up geezer, I think everyone’s experienced the need for food around midnight, whether the binge was small or large, otherwise why would kebob shops be so popular in Britain?

Anyway, I always used to have 3 or 4 friends back to my house for munchies or to stay the night and this dish was devised so we didn't have too much trouble making it or much washing up to do. In actual fact, I only had to wipe the non-stick pan clean. It also makes its way from the pan to the plate quite quickly, as patience isn't a virtue at that time of night with my mates!

First of all get the biggest non-stick pan available, and preheat it on the highest heat while you gather your ingredients. Obviously you wouldn't be organized at this point so it's a matter of using what you've got, but ideally I like to have mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, sausages and eggs. By the time you have got these together, the pan will be hot so slice your sausages in half lengthways and pat them out flat so they cook quickly. Place into the pan at one side. On the other side, put tablespoon or so of oil and place a pile of mushrooms over it which can be sliced or whole. Shake the pan about a bit to coat the mushrooms and season with some salt and pepper. Push to one side and then lay some slices of bacon and halved tomatoes in the pan. Cook for a couple of minutes until the bacon is crisp and golden. Shake the pan a little and turn the bacon over.

Now is the time to put a round of toast in the toaster.

At this stage you should respect the rustic and authentic look and shuffle everything about so that it's all mixed together and add 2 or 3 eggs at different ends of the pan. The whites of the eggs will dribble in and around the sausage, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Turn the heat down a little and continue to cook for another minute before placing the pan under the grill and finishing the eggs to your liking.

Using  a non-stick pan I've always found the removal of this dish to the plate extremely easy.  It will resembles a frisbee and will slide onto your plate with no trouble at all. Doesn't that sound appetizing? But honestly, it really is a gem.



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#3 Sat 21 Apr 07 12:42pm


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Re: English breakfast sandwich recipe wanted HELP

Tanya , i thank thee very much indeed and will follow your tips with the expertise of a surgeon, and like tyou say i will feast and enjoy,

i hope your day is full of smiles

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