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Compost heaps and worm farms

Can't emphasise enough how easy these are to maintain, their worthiness and how little space they take. Can do it on a balcony.

Ecologically, they are fantastic as they give back more than they take. They don't smell unless you feed them unsuitable material. The worms can be fattened for fishing bait (my kids hate this, even though we're all keen fisher-persons).Can hardly "name or identify" worms in a worm-farm.

Also,between the compost and worm farms, we have cut our use of the weekly "wheelie trash bin" to once a month at most.

Also use my office shredder to "feed" both the compost and worm farm.

It doesn't require huge changes but creates huge changes.

Try it. Far cheaper than buying potting mix and fertiliser at the nursery.

Ask if you want advice. Will do my best.


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#2 Fri 27 Apr 07 7:52pm

nigella clarissa

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Re: Compost heaps and worm farms

Yuk, eeeuw...c'est dégoûtant ( disgusting ). Thank god my boyfriend hired a gardener to take care of that business at our place. You are a brave lady, Mary. wink

By the way, mon petit Guzz , where are you? I do so miss you. Des bisous mon

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Re: Compost heaps and worm farms

nigella  smile  Where've you been - not seen you for ages? Collecting more designer goodies I suppose. I've been missing Guzz too and I started to wonder if the two of you had eloped but clearly (sadly) not the case.

It's always a bit worrying when a regular disappears as suddenly as he did. I hope he didn't have one too many hot-tub experiences.

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The White Rabbit

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Re: Compost heaps and worm farms has good info especially for us in the southern hemisphere

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