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Courgettes carbonara: Got the recipe?

Hey, saw Jamie cooking pasta carbonara with courgettes(squash).
He used penne(pasta), courgettes, parmigiano cheese and bacon...
I can't find the recipe, I've searched all over the internet - does anyone has it?

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#2 Mon 21 May 07 9:31am

young mum

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Re: Courgettes carbonara: Got the recipe?

If its from Jamie at Home Show, sorry but we have been asked not to give the recipes out just yet.

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#3 Mon 21 May 07 9:32am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Courgettes carbonara: Got the recipe?

which series is it?

If it's the new Jamie at home being shown in some countries you'll have to wait for the book, they've asked us not to post recipes until after the book is published.

If it's any of the other series, tell us what was happening in the episode and we should be able to find the recipe for you.

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