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Spaghetti Nests

I bought this package of dry pasta, individually tangled and shaped like bird nests.  Does anyone know how to cook these or what to do with them help

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Re: Spaghetti Nests

Sounds like tagliatelle.  I usually do two of those nests per person, drop them into boiling salted water and cook as you would other dried pasta.  As it cooks it will loosen and fall out of the nest shapes.

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Re: Spaghetti Nests

You can use tagliatelle insead of ever other noodles. If they fall out of the nest shapes while cooking (what they always do...) you can try to spool them into a nest shape again with a fork you stick into the middle of all your noodles and turn it. Of course it's not looking as good as before you cooked them, but it's a bit nicer...
Love, Henri

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Re: Spaghetti Nests

You have probably  looked before, but have you checked the package? Most packages of pasta say exactly how to cook them.
I am assuming thought the nests are only a help to portion them. So through them in the water, cook and out they come untangled (like the others have suggested)...

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Re: Spaghetti Nests

As others have said, once put in the boiling water, the "nests" will break up into "normal" pasta with some stirring.

I used to (20+yrs ago), have recipes that used cooked spaghetti (much narrower than you are describing) as the basis for pies (the pasta taking the place of pastry). Don't know where they are but could look if you wish.

Otherwise, if you still want that "nest" shape, for aesthetic reasons, drain your cooked noodles, grab a portion sized amount and practice with tongs, fork and spoon to re-create the nest shape.

Hope this helps!

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