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The easiest (Mango pudding dessert )

                   3 mango fruits
                   2 plain yogurt cups
                   1 packet pineapple gelatine powder
                   1\2 cup sugar

1. Put the gelatine in a half cup of boiling water and leave to boil untill    dissolved, then leave it to room tempreture.
2. Peel the mango and cut it into thin stripes.
3. Put all the ingredients together in a liquidiser to become creamy,and
    refregerate for one hour. 

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Re: The easiest (Mango pudding dessert )

Thanks for sharing, Ra-mido. This seems like a good recipe as I've always been reluctant to add raw egg into mango pudding. Besides, it doesn't use cream, so it's a healthier alternative too!  smile

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Re: The easiest (Mango pudding dessert )

welcome to the forums Ra-mido smile ..your desert sounds good to me also thumbsup

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Re: The easiest (Mango pudding dessert )

Wow! I wish I had this now to eat. There is 35 degrees outsides.... yikes

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