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My problem is the vocabulary

Hello, I'm Lígia from Portugal.

Unfortunately, your TV shows in my country have disappeared. That's why I started looking for your books and found only one in portuguese. I don't have problems with english language but I do have a problem with the specific ingredients vocabulary that you use in your fabulous recipes. So, here´s a sugestion for a new dvd: a list of all tipes of cabbage, mushrooms, rice, cheeses, and so on, and so on, that you use. Something like an illustrated kitchen dictionary for everyone living everywhere to use.
Hope to hear from you

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Re: My problem is the vocabulary

ligiaol,  Welcome to the forums!!  You may want to delete three of your threads that repeatedly posted.  That happens sometimes.   smile

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Re: My problem is the vocabulary

I will reply in english to lidia as is easier for me!

Olá Ligia, se o teu problema é as ervas que ele usa faz como eu e usa este site que tem o nome de todas as ervas em muitas linguas.

Espero ter ajudado e continuação de boas receitas! smile

Um abraço,

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