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Chicken Fillets Wrapped in Bacon

Hi all,

I just need some advice on how to cook Chicken Fillets Wrapped in Bacon, I'm going to bash the Chicken out a little bit, score it, seal it in a frying pan, then rub it with butter and garlic, wrap it in the bacon, and oven cook it, problem is, the oven will already be on at 200c for something else, so the Chicken will have to be cooked at that heat, so can someone tell me how long to cook it for at that temperature please?



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Re: Chicken Fillets Wrapped in Bacon

bacon and basil-wrapped chicken breasts

21 large fresh basil leaves, washed well and spun dry
3 boneless skinless whole chicken breasts (about 2 pounds total)
about 15 bacon slices (about 3/4 pound)
1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns, crushed coarse preparation
Preheat oven to 400°F.
In a small saucepan of boiling water blanch basil 2 seconds and drain in a sieve. Rinse basil under cold water to stop cooking and pat dry on paper towels.

Put 1 whole chicken breast, skinned side down, on a work surface and remove "tender" (fillet strip located on either side of where breast bone was) from each breast half, keeping rest of chicken breast intact. (There should be 2 tenders from each whole breast.)

Put 2 tenders side by side and wrap 7 basil leaves around them to enclose them. Season remainder of whole breast with salt and pepper and put basil-wrapped tenders lengthwise down middle of 1 breast half. Fold other breast half over to enclose tenders.

Beginning on underside at 1 end of breast, wrap bacon slices snugly but without stretching, 1 at a time, around breast in a continuous overlapping spiral from 1 end to the other. (You will need about 4 to 5 bacon slices for each breast.)

Remove tenders from remaining 2 chicken breasts and stuff and wrap breasts in same manner. Sprinkle crushed peppercorns evenly over bacon wrappings.

Heat a 9- to 10-inch cast-iron skillet over moderately high heat until hot. Sliding a metal spatula under wrapped chicken breasts to keep bacon intact, transfer 2 breasts, undersides down, to skillet. Cook chicken, turning it only after bacon on underside is golden, until bacon is golden and crisp on all sides, about 4 minutes total. Transfer chicken as browned to a plate and cook remaining breast in same manner.

Pour off fat from skillet and return all 3 chicken breasts to skillet. Roast chicken in middle of oven 15 minutes, or until firm to the touch and just cooked through. Transfer chicken with tongs to a cutting board and let stand 10 minutes before slicing.

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Re: Chicken Fillets Wrapped in Bacon

Hi Chris,  I you are going to sear your chicken breasts first in a pan then wrap them in bacon, you wont need them in the oven at that temp for long.  You will only have to finish cooking them through.  The bacon will keep them moist, so maybe 15-20 minutes til your bacon is cooked to your liking.  After about 15 I would temp the breasts.  Alternatively if you have a broiler (if you call them that in England), a grill with the flame on top, you could finish them under the broiler to cook your bacon off and the chicken could finish cooking that way if you are unsure about the oven method.  Let us know how it turned out!   yummy

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