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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

Just came across this recipe. Very English!

A few tweaks that I would recommend to take it a few levels higher:

300g Greek Yoghurt (closest you'll get in the west to what we used in India) instead of 150g yoghurt. Use half the GY to marinade and the other half add the sauce when simmering for 30 mins or so.

3 onions not 2

Garam Masala should be 2 teaspoons not 1

instead of a red dried chilli, you need a green fresh chilli

2 Teaspoons of ground Cardamom (this is rule #1 for creamy dishes in India!)

In addition to ground almonds, add same quantity of ground CASHEWS (Again, this dish should be based around Cashews) (or blend roasted not salted cashews in a blender with a bit of milk)

1 Teaspoon Cumin

100g of coconut, not 75g

Ghee, use ghee, lots of it. 3 Tablespoon min. Do not use veg oil in this dish. Madras, other curries yes, but in Korma, you cant.

2 Teaspoon of sugar (In India they used a bit more, but to adapt to local taste, 2 teaspoon is good). I am Italian, and liked it with 2 1/2, but brits would probably like it 1 1/2 as it might be too tasty else.

have a carton of milk handy so you can add some to loosen it up a bit to desired consistency. I used around a glass of milk when making this.

And the meat! Goodness gracious me! This English addiction to breast. If you don't use whole bits of chicken, which is the typical way (bones can be annoying - admittedly), at least use Boneless chicken thighs! Please!

Yep, that was it, went through it yesterday and that was about it.

And that, is a Korma.

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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

Welcome to the Forum, Everywhere! wave And, thanks for your Korma recipe too! Mmm!  yummy

Happy New Year/2015 to you ALL! :-)
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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

I tried this the other day and it really is a great recipe - just like a good takeaway - not too sweet but plenty of coconut flavour and spice - top shout!

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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

nice recipe like it, i have tried thai curry, today i had samosas just love indian cooking.  smile

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

That sounds very interesting and I'm always looking for cury tips.

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Re: Chicken Korma Recipe EVER!

Hi all

I am new to the forum, and very excited to have found it and the recipe to one of my favourite dishes ever

I have tried the recipe twice and I don't think I am getting it right... sad  so any help would be amazing  smile

In my 2 tries, the yogurt taste was way too protagonist, and I did not get enough coconut flavour.

Also, I am not sure the blend of the spices was right for me. Is the ratio 1 tbsp ground coriander -1 tsp turmeric  - 1 tsp garam masala correct?
I am wondering whether there is too much coriander there.

I love this dish and I really want to keep trying until i can master it. Am I the only one experiencing those problems? Any suggestions?


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