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Cold turkey or keep it warm?

Hi there Guys and Gals,

Long time reader, first time poster...

Qestion, in Jamies Christmas Special, he says to have the turkey ready 1 hour before, and the potatoes readys before sit down.

Would you guys serve cold turkey, or would you keep it warm, and if so how would you keep it warm for an hour without it drying up?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cold turkey or keep it warm?

Hi Chris, welcome -

You really need to let a turkey "rest" for at least an hour before carving.  Take it from the roasting tin, put on a large plate and cover with foil.  I noticed that Jamie also had a tea towel over the foil.  This will keep the turkey warm, it will be easier to carve, and it won't dry up.

You definitely don't want cold turkey with all your nice roast potatoes and veggies.

Happy cooking and have a Very Merry Christmas.


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