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#21 Mon 23 Jan 12 12:34pm

Fred the Needle

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

Just to let you know that my Imperia 150 is doing sterling work.  It's a pleasure to use after the J.O. one.  Lots of nice fresh pasta.

Wish I'd done the interthingy research Schmy.  Unfortunately I got a voucher from one of my kids and wondered what I was going to spend it on.

Like Schmy, I'm disappointed that J.O.'s let his name be linked to frankly shoddy equipment.  The Imperia may be about 20 more expensive but it's really worth it.

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#22 Sun 05 Feb 12 4:35pm

youngpapa smurf

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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I was given JO pasta machine by my daughter - lasted 2 attempts before the turning handle jammed on the roller setting. Sainsburys great - gave me a voucher as they had none in stock - however they are selling last of stock off at 3.00!!! I do wonder why having read other reports on these pages.

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#23 Sun 05 Feb 12 6:55pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

Has anyone been to Recipease to make 'filled pasta'? It's well worth the visit. There's one in Clapham and one in Brighton. It's a super-fun thing to do for a birthday with friends or just a treat for a friend.

You learn how to make a few different shapes and a super-easy filling & dressing. It's a great way to try it out first and see how easy it really is, to make your own pasta. 
You also get to use a pasta machine, so it's a great way to try that for the first time too, before you buy one - and get advice about what to look for - you don't need to buy the pricey ones!!

The filled pasta lesson is an 'eat-in' one so you eat what you make at the end, and enjoy it with a glass of wine smile
Here's a link - you can see Jimmy - the chef/instructor, on the right - who is usually based at the Clapham Recipease.

So much fun that I'd go again to do filled pasta!! smile

Love to hear about people's experiences with making pasta.


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#24 Tue 04 Dec 12 7:54pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I too  bought a jamie Oliver pasta Maker and after first use both rollers Jammed
As i am an Engineer i took it apart and repaired the Machine.
not very well Made should have known when it was made in Holland not
renown for its workmanship.

Jamie please check Units before you put your Mark on it


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#25 Sun 05 Oct 14 1:51pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I have to agree. I was excited to make my own pasta for the first time ever. It went really well until the second batch of dough went through the JO Pasta Machine. The machine started getting jammed. (Once or twice for each cycle on the 4-7 thickness settings). I persevered for a while and then realised that I had to throw out a chunk of my dough because it had collected metal shavings from the machine. underneath the rollers. sad
I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the Pasta Machine.

Sorry Jamie, you do amazing things, but the JOPM is awful. sad

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#26 Sun 05 Oct 14 6:11pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

me too,never heard of it does someone got  a picture ?

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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#27 Mon 12 Jan 15 5:15pm


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Re: Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

I got the pasta machine about 2 years ago, but recently, the cutting attachment fell and is not working anymore, can I buy that attachment separately somewhere?

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