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As the cook in our house I have tried to buy free range product for some time now and I am happy to say that my 'penny wise' girlfriend has been converted after seeing the recent campaign.

She was hoping to buy some free range chicken today but came back with 'Farm Assured' chicken which I have seen a lot of recently, generally sporting a rosey cheecked farmer on the labelling.

Does this mean the farm is assured as UK but not assured to be anything else? On a recent packet it said "grown to be naturally succulent", can I assume that translates to 'Grown intensively to be fat in a short time and then killed to make a quick profit?' Maybe thats why the farmer on the packet usually has rosey cheecks, he's embarrased to pretend its free range????


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Re: 'FARM ASSURED' Chicken

Even Tesco's 'value' chicken is raised under farm assurance scheme so don't think it means alot in terms of what you want from a chicken.

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Re: 'FARM ASSURED' Chicken

Hi there

Best to look for the RSPCA's Freedom Food chicken … wheretobuy


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Re: 'FARM ASSURED' Chicken

What are the standards for Farm Assured and who sets the standard? Just seen a very flash ad for McDonalds, proudly stating that all their chicken is farm assured. Farm assured sounds like an impressive pair of words, will have taken a lot of people in.  sad

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Re: 'FARM ASSURED' Chicken

Hello all,
There are a fair few of these schemes.........and they are voluntary. It's supposed to increase/maintain customer confidence that the produce they are parting with their cash to buy has met certain standards.  It does not mean that the 'chickens' for example are free range, organic or have access to sky television etc.... The schemes cover a range of standards including safety, welfare and environmental. The standards are policed by each individual scheme etc.. info: … x?pageid=1

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Re: 'FARM ASSURED' Chicken

The only chicken that  can really be  assured, is the one that you grown and feed with your own hands...

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