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Banoffee Pie

Can anyone help ? I am told Jamie has an amazing recipe for banoffee pie, made using tins of boiled condensed milk ? I would like to give it a go this weekend. If anyone can tell which book it is featured in it would also be appreciated. Thanks, Gordon. help

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Re: Banoffee Pie

Hi Gordon, welcome -

There's a recipe in "Jamie's Kitchen", but just in case you don't have the book I have taken the liberty of posting it.

Jamie's recipe for Banoffe Pie from his book "Jamie's Kitchen".

When I was little we used to make banoffee pies at the pub which everyone loved.  To make a big batch the trick was to boil up loads of condensed milk in one big pan for about 4 hours.  I suggest that at home you boil a couple of tins up, because when you've made this banoffee pie once you'll definitely want to make it again.  It's really important to keep the water topped up, so make sure you keep checking it - if the pan boils dry the tins will explode and you'll have toffee all over your ceiling - not only dangerous, but a bugger to clean up.  When the tins are boiled and left unopened they will keep for months in the larder, and even longer in the freezer.  It is also important to let the tins cool down on their own and make sure they have cooled completely before you open them.  However, jars of pre-made toffee are now sold in the supermarkets, so I've used one in this recipe, but feel free to boil your own in you want to live on the edge!

200gr/7oz blanched whole almonds
280gr/10oz icing sugar
1 jar Merchant Gourmet Dulce de Leche toffee or 2 x 397gr/14oz tins condensed milk, boiled
6 bananas
565ml/1 pint double cream
1 tablespoon Camp coffee
seeds from 1 vanilla pod
1 x basic pastry recipe (see below)

Pre-heat the oven to 180C/350F/gas 4

Give the almonds a rinse in water, drain them a little and mix them quickly with the icing sugar in a bowl until they are really sticky.  Tip them on to a baking tray and toast for 15 minutes in the oven until they are golden and crispy, turning them every couple of minutes.  Don't let them turn black or they will taste bitter.  Remove them from the oven and allow to cool.

Make the pastry, the recipe is on site.  Use this link. … ust_pastry

Line a loose-bottomed, buttered 26cm/11 inch flan tin and bake it blind for 15 minutes until lightly golden.  Remove from the oven and let it cool.

Spread the toffee as thick as you like across the base of the pastry.  Slice the bananas and place on top of the toffee, then whip the cream.  Add the Camp coffee - add a little less if you would like a more subtle coffee flavour - and the vanilla seeds.  Then dollop the cream on top of the bananas, as high and as rough as you like. 

Sprinkle the almonds over the top of the banoffee pie and serve immediately.


yummy  yummy

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Re: Banoffee Pie

I still havent got round to making this, but the pic in the book looks so good  yummy

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Re: Banoffee Pie

You can also get tins of ' Carnation Caramel' . You will find it in the supermarkets by the other tinned milk products,be carefull that you dont buy evaporated milk as it will not work.
This is the already thickened Condensed milk and has Dulce de leche written also on the tin.

If I have time ,I prefer to simmer  tins on condensed milk for a few hours as I like the texture a bit thicker than the Caramel cans contain.

My Banoffee Pie is very simple... you need

*Digestive biscuits
*Double cream ... whipped untill thickish .
*Condensed milk ...either the ready done 'caramel' or a couple of tins of condensed milk that you have simmered ,unopened,for several hours in a pan of water.then left to cool.

a sprinkle of grated chocolate.

*I start by crushing the digestive biscuits and melting some butter,
*I then combine these two .
*then firmly  press the mixture into the base and around the sides of a low sided flan dish or similar.
*I then put this into the fridge to chill and set firm.

*After the biscuit base has set I remove it from the fridge
*Into the biscuit base I spread the contents of the tins of thickened condensed milk
*Ontop of the condensed milk, I put a load of chopped bananas
*Then I spread the whipped cream on top of the bananas.
*I might then sprinkle it with a little grated chocolate.

I have in the past used chocolate bigestive biscuits , (but that adds even more sweetness and the family prefer simple plain digestive biscuits),
I have tried also a mix of gingernut biscuits and dagestive biscuits..this was good!
occasionally I might add a little seetness to the cream by way of a couple of teaspoons on icing sugar but bannoffee pie is so sweet that I don't generally do this !

The only realy time consuming parts of this desert are in the simmering of the cans of condensed milk and waiting for the biscuit crumb base to set. (So you can reduce preperation time greatly by using a can or two of the caramel rather than boil the tins yourself)
Apart from that I find it fairly quick to make.

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Re: Banoffee Pie

Yup, I have the book and have been postponing the plan of making of it.  The picture looks amazing, but I'm still a bit scared that the condensed milk in the tin cans will explode.  Plus, if I will be just using a couple or so, do I also have to boil them for four hours?  Seems a waste of LPG?

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Re: Banoffee Pie

It's ok smile_seta , I just bring an large-ish old pan full of water to the boil
with the cans of condensed milk in the water and then once it has boiled I reduce the heat so that the water simmers.
It is important to keep checking  the water level as tha cans of condensed milk need to be  fully submerged under the water . So as the water level reduces just top it up with hot water from the kettle.
I tend to leave the cans to cool in the water, it takes a little longer but I feel that its safer .
I have never had an exploding can and I have been boiling cans of condensed milk for over 25 years !!

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