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Re: Mince Beef

A simple non-fried mince dish!

500g beef mince (ideally low fat)
(also works well with minced lamb/pork/chicken)

Mix into the mince finely chopped onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, celery, coriander.
(Optionally add finely chopped carrot, courgette, mushroom,, peppers; any or all of this as you fancy).
Add 2 teaspoons Thai 7 Spice or Chinese 5 Spice or similar
Add a dash of soy sauce
Add 2 bay leaves
Place in a baking bowl and cover with tinfoil and tie with string to ensure fully sealed.
Place the bowl in a bain-marie or steamer and slow steam for about 90 minutes. Remember to check water frequently.
On opening the bowl the meat and juices may have separated, so break it up with a wooden spoon.
Serve with steamed rice or noodles
Enjoy the delicious result!

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Re: Mince Beef

itsmarie wrote:

I fry some mince with some onions,garlic and mix in some cooked rice, then in some partly steamed cabbage leaves roll a small amount of mince mixture in the middle to make a little parcel, then place in an oven proof dish and cover lightly with some passata sauce and cook for about 10/15 mins and serve with creamed potatoes  yummy

itsmarie I made your recipe but without the cabbage leaves. I used shredded cabbage inside the mixture and  egg as a binding to form the mixture into a ball, the meat was seasoned with basil and a shake of fennel it turned out really nice as a starter  on its own.
Thank you for that recipe.  thumbsup

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Re: Mince Beef

Welcome to the forum gastronoming  smile

I am please you liked itsmarie's recipe , I am sure she would have been delighted .
Marie was a well loved forum member  ,sadly ,she died after a nasty illness a while ago  .
Please don't feel bad as  you had no way of knowing .

Do keep coming along and joining in the forum threads we always look forward to having new members here .

thumbsup  big_smile

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Re: Mince Beef

Someone listed both "scotch collops" and "mince and tatties" - even being Scottish, I must confess I have no idea what the difference is! I thought they were the same.

Look up recipes for "kheema" - that's a sort of curry made with mince.

Also, meatloaf. I do it as per Jamie's recipe in Ministry of Food: 1lb (~500g) mince, 12 crushed cream crackers (if you can't get these, they are large, about 3" square, so if using smaller crackers you'll need more), 2 onions, 1 egg. Chop the onion finely, fry til soft and let cool a bit, then mix all the ingredients with your hands, adding salt, pepper and whatever herbs and spices you want. Then shape into a rugby ball shape, put on a baking sheet and bake, starting at high heat and turning down immediately to 200C, for 30min.

He adds various spices in the recipe, and serves it with chickpeas and tomato sauce. The recipe is here: … n-imperial

I note the online version has been Americanised - for others, please note when it says "football shape" it means American football - my copy of the book says "rugby ball shape". He's not telling you to make a giant meatball!

I don't usually do the tomato sauce thing; instead, I serve it with mashed potato or maybe roast potato, Yorkshire puds and gravy. It's good stuff. I'm not a fan of meatloaf cooked in a tin, if you cook it like this the fat runs off and it's much nicer.

Haven't made this for ages. Must make it soon!  tongue

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