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choc chops

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chicken melt.

hi, thought id share this recipe on here, 1st time poster so go easy on me!!    wink

very quick and simple but really tasty!
chicken breast, smoked BBQ sauce, sliced mozzarella cheese, handful of grated strong cheddar cheese and two rashers of bacon.

1, cook a medium size chicken breast
2, when chicken is nearly ready, grill 2 slices of bacon
3, take the chicken out the oven and spread a generous amount of BBQ sauce across the chicken breast, then place the thin slices of mozzarella across the chicken.
4, wrap the cooked bacon rashers around the chicken, covering the mozzarella.
5, spread some more BBQ sauce on top of the bacon and add the grated cheddar on top to finish.
6, put back under the grill for a minute until the cheddar has browned.

serve up with thick chips or potato croquettes and a side salad.


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Re: chicken melt.

I can vouch for this guys,very tasty! Now all you need to do is the washing up afterwards and it'll be a 10/10!  lol

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