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#1 Tue 25 Mar 08 6:47am


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Seasoning without salt or sugar...

For the next 6 weeks I can't have salt or sugar...I must maintain a diet of rice, green beans, broccoli and chicken or salmon...

No salt, no sugar, no dairy and let me tell you...things get bland real quick!

So, my question is, any ideas?

FYI...It's medical reasons so I can't really just use a "little" Salt/sugar/dairy...


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#2 Tue 25 Mar 08 7:30am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

There is probably not much you can do. Can you have spices or herbs? Some temporary medical diets don't allow those.

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#3 Tue 25 Mar 08 3:42pm


Member since Tue 25 Mar 08

Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Yes, some spices and herbs are allowed...

Any ideas for salmon? I've gotten hooked on cedar plank stlye but it uses Maple Syrup ( a no no) and I'm drawing a blank...

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#4 Tue 25 Mar 08 4:33pm


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

I like both thyme and tarragon with salmon, and root ginger goes well too.  Tarragon is also good with chicken, as is thyme, mixed herbs, oregano and basil.  Rice is good with chopped coriander mixed through it.  Good luck with this, and hope the 6 weeks pass quickly for you  crossed

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#5 Thu 27 Mar 08 3:06am


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Bay Leaf with beef, chicken soup, meat marinades, salmon, tomato dishes, or white fish

Basil with chowders, eggplant, Italian soups and dishes, pasta, shrimp, lamb, or venison

Cilantro with Asian food, Mexican food, or tossed salads

Chili Powder with chili con carne, corn, egg dishes, kidney or lima beans, meat marinades, or refried beans

Cumin with fish, green chile sauce, Mexican dishes, pork, or salsa

Dill Weed with breads, chicken, cooked fresh vegetables, cucumbers, fish, potato salad, or salmon

Fennel with fish, Italian sauces, or pizza

Marjoram with beef, cottage cheese, eggs, potatoes, soups, spinach, or tomatoes

Mustard with broccoli, chicken, fish, potato salad, salad dressings, or white sauces

Parsley with beef, cooked dried beans, eggs, lamb, potatoes, salads, soups, or tomato sauces

Rosemary with beef, breads, lamb, pork, potatoes, salad dressings, soups, or winter squash

Sage with chicken, chowders, halibut, onions, salmon, stuffing, tomatoes, or turkey

Tarragon with sauces, salad dressings, poultry, or vinegar

Thyme with beets, fish, lima beans, stews, stuffing, or wild game


Cinnamon in custard and pudding, fruit desserts, pork and lamb, stuffing, pumpkin, or yams

Cloves in baked fruit dishes, beets, mulled cider or wine, red meats, spaghetti sauce, or sweet potatoes

Curry Powder with baked fish, chicken, dips, fruit marinades for meats, vegetable and rice dishes

Ginger with baked fish, carrots, pot roast, poultry stuffing, sauce for fish, or stir-fry dishes

Mace in baked fruit desserts, carrots, cauliflower, custard, fruit jams, lamb, potatoes, or pumpkin

Nutmeg in custard, hot cocoa, meat loaf, Swedish meat balls, or white fish

Chives with cucumbers, lima beans, potatoes, salad dressing, or salmon

Garlic (minced or powdered, not with salt) in dips and sauces, fish, Italian dishes, meats, poultry, salad dressing, or tomatoes

Green pepper with beef, corn, peas, rice, stir-fry dishes, or tomatoes

Lemon with chicken, fruit salads, grilled or baked fish, shellfish, spinach, or tossed salads

Onion (dried, powdered, or chopped, not mixed with salt) with beef, casseroles, chili con carne, pasta dishes, roasts, salads, soups, or stews

Vinegar (such as balsamic, cider, flavored, red wine, or white) with cucumbers, cooked greens, potatoes, salad dressings, spinach, or seafood

Herb Blends to Try:

Chili Blend: Black pepper, chili powder, cilantro, cumin, dry mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, and paprika

Cole Slaw Blend: Celery seed, dill weed, dried onion, sugar, and tarragon

Italian Food Blend: Basil, black pepper, garlic powder, ground red pepper, marjoram, oregano, savory, and thyme

Onion Herb Blend: Basil, black pepper, cumin, dill weed, dried onion flakes, and garlic powder

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#6 Thu 27 Mar 08 10:20am


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Are spicy or hot things out of the diet as well?  fresh horseradish root grated with bit of vinegar or fresh or dried chillies.   

lemon zest fresh grated and mixed with fresh purreed garlic spread on your salmon before roasting it then a squeeze of lemon or lime juice at the end.

you don't say that you are restricted from fats so some  good quality olive oils can bring a whole tonne of flavour.

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#7 Thu 27 Mar 08 10:13pm


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Are you allowed other vegies?

Try a cold rice salad.  Cooked cold rice, chicken, carrot, capsicum, spring onion, etc, whatever you want really, and seasoned with lemon juice.

Tarragon is a personal fave of mine with fish.

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#8 Fri 28 Mar 08 3:04am


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Great ideas...

Tried the tarragon...awesome, and whenever wherever I use garlic, although I can only have minimal amounts :-}

I can have a minimal amount of olive oil, about 1 tbsp per meal and the veggies are kind of limited to spinach, broccoli and green beans...

I'll try the salmon tommorrow...chicken without the bone and the skin is well...might as well be tofu in my book :-}

The world of spices and herbs without salt is new to me...i love the ideas, thanks  clap

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#9 Fri 28 Mar 08 4:10am


From The Philippines
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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

No salt or sugar?  Hmmm... fish sauce and soy sauce also have salt.  For sugar, I suppose honey.

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#10 Thu 13 Feb 14 8:14am


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Re: Seasoning without salt or sugar...

Reported, seasoningblends

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