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Re: Aphids on my lovely basil - any tips?

“Disease and insect infestations are nothing more than Nature’s way of saying there is a nutrient deficiency in plants, which makes them nutritionally unfit for higher life forms to consume. Billions of dollars are spent every year on chemicals to fight diseases and insects, and consequently billions of dollars are spent on drugs and supplements for consumers of this minerally deficient food. It is indeed a degenerative merry-go-round… - Arden Anderson

I'm also looking for a cure for aphides on basil and came across this forum. I'm a huge Jamie Oliver fan and thought i would share what i know about pests.

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Re: Aphids on my lovely basil - any tips?

Without introducing pesticides, try a weak solution of washing-up liquid in water and spray all over the basil plant.  It won't harm the plant but will certainly make an impact on the aphids.
Don't know where you are in the world (guessing not the UK) but if it's frost-free in your area, that's fine.  If not, be sure to protect the plant during the above procedure until it dries.
Good luck!

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