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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

My love of cooking started with my mum she use to make the best apple pie tattie bread and stews and crumbed rabbit then i worked in catering for 10 year and i loved
learning different thing from all the chefs i think you never stop learning when it comes to cooking now i have to pass it on to my son and daughter. smile

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

I only started getting really interested in cooking when i joined my husband watching "Jamie at Home". I used to cook cakes and make jam, but hubby always cooked dinners, cos i was not really interested. Now i cook all the time and 90% of my meals are made form your recipes. You really are an inspiration Jamie. Thanks from both of  big_smile

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

hi Jamie....

i got interested in my Mum and my Nan (her mum) kitchens.... i used to help out with things, and just got more involved the better i was...

my grandfather had a real passion for food, and for good fruit and veg, so i was inspired by him too... he even tought me how to boil a perfect egg without a clock, and how to tell if an egg is fresh with no other props or tricks...

then when i was older i was able to take care at university, and took some inspiration from you cos all my mates say i look like and cook like you do... i read your books, and adapted what i needed to...

nice one... whistle


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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

My interest began with my mom, who was an extraordinary chef. Even though we lived in a smallish-town in the middle of the Canadian Prairies, where almost every restaurant serves burgers and fries only, she cooked curries,moussaka, seafood, lobster, Asian cuisine pretty much anything and everything she could get her hands on. As a result both my brother and I share a passion for international cuisine. Most people here just say, "I don't like seafood" even though they've never really experienced it!
But I have to say, my cooking horizons really opened up after my brother gave me, Jamie's Dinners, for an xmas present one year. Last year my husband and I purchased, Jamie at Home. We now refer to the former as the "Old Testament" and the latter as the "New Testament" smile I've made almost every recipe in Jamie's Dinners   - the roasted chicken gets made about once a month as does the eggplant pasta.
Thanks SO much Jamie!

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

hi jamie
firstly i am watching minsitry of food the last episode sad  and get rid of that negative woman! dunno her name and i dont want to but its the one who was putting junk food into kids in school.
ive always been interested in cooking but was too afraid to try. i had an episode when i ws in secondry school making pizza! the base was like concrete and the topping ws black haha. i thought i did everything correctly at the time but looking back!!!!!
im 33 now and ive started cooking a lot and not afraid to try anymore. thats because i started watching jamie at home last year.
i wasnt  pro in the kitchen but i could do a few things, stew spaghetti bolognese roast dinners, the basics, but now i am a pro!!!
i m passing it on too! to my 15 year old daughter who is doing her junior cert this year and is sitting home economics. she has given the rceipe to her friend for pancakes and meatballs who has given to her mother. this is in a week!
keep up the good work j
fiona xx

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

I fell in love when I found one of my mom's baking books, so I started baking, and then just progressed to cooking. Love it!

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

for it was like a way to prove I am a older, then a grown up, independent with an opinion and statements about everything...ability to take care of others

yes that's how it felt
first, by making quick lunches while mom still at work ,after we returned from school...
then for me and friends when staying over on a weekend that we were left home alone
then experimenting
then nothing- I stopped doing anything in Mom's house...-I NEEDED TO MOVE
so I moved
and my "talent" evolved....I cook one 'fast meal" for the day and prepare another one for next 2 days as well and if I have the time I will throw a pie in the oven with leftovers...

I watch Jamie since the beginning I think-too MANY years..I watch also other foreign and local cooking tv shows...but cooking magazines from greece bit from Czech Republik as well when I am there(I am half Greek Half Czech)
I have to confess though...I rarely stick to the actual receipe...I usually improvise

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

I've been into cooking my whole life, more with baking and stuff when I was younger, with my mum and grandma. I used to go to my grandmas every year to bake christmas cakes with her in september. Also I used to go round there as a teenager just to do some baking so that I could escape from my family for a while.

Nowadays, I wish I had more time to cook as i have lots of cookbooks (and I work in catering so I;m always looking at new trends) but I never have time to do much adventurous stuff.

The best thing that has happened to my cooking habits is having to live on a tiny budget! It really teaches you the basics of things like how to cook rice, pasta, eggs and potatoes properly. Also how to make things like sauces from scratch! I try and do interesting things every night. The only thing I ever repeat often is bacon and leek pasta because my boyfriend always wants it  thumbsup

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

Hi Jamie
My mom always asked us to help around the kitchen when we were kids, guess that's where i started to get interested in cooking.  But it was only eight years ago that I began to get hook up with it.  Now, it has become my favorite thing to do, i feel like cooking brings joys to my life.
I like creating new dishes, trying to experiment mixing ingredients and of course not all are successful mrgreen but some are great. yummy   However there are not much ingredients to work around here like herbs, veggies and spices sad

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Re: When did you start getting interested in cooking?

Grandmother for sure and her little book of recipes that goes from generation to generation. One of the best cooks I ever met.

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